Sites run by Build UK members will be checking the certification cards of all their workers on site, including both CSCS and Partner Card Schemes.

To ensure that sites are provided with the correct information, Build UK have been given a list of Partner Card Schemes and the cards those schemes issue, including the ADIA BS EN16005 CSCS Partnership scheme.

Therefore, if you work with any Build UK members it is imperative that you complete the ADIA BS EN16005 course and exam, accredited by City & Guilds to ensure you get your CSCS card and get on site.

The ADIA CSCS card demonstrates that the engineer has proved they are capable of fitting automatic doors, according to the BS EN16005 and BS 7036-0. These standards are studied and put into practice with our e-learning course and assessment day. There are several practical assessments that take place on a training day, which validate the skills of those who have been working on automatic doors for over a year. The day is completed with an exam finalising the knowledge required to safely work on automatic doors.

However, if you are working with an automatic door company and haven’t been working on automatic doors for one or more years you can apply for the ADIA Trainee CSCS card. This card will allow learners to go on-site supervised by a qualified technician so they can grow their competence whilst working on automatic doors. This card will be valid for 1 year and is not renewable. Once the engineer has been working on doors for a year or more, the fee for the card will then be deducted from the BS EN16005 course.

In addition to the BS EN16005, engineers can also apply for our Service and Maintenance course in order to develop their skills and knowledge.

It is perfect for those who wish to gain or simply extend their knowledge and training in automatic door servicing and maintenance. It includes:

  • ADIA Fault Finding Course
  • Online self-study and learning with quizzes and mock exams,
  • Practical training day with assessments and final exam including lunch,
  • Engineer toolkit candidates need to service & maintain the automatic doors including a newton meter, ADIA tape measure and an ADIA Test Box.

This is the perfect stepping stone to the BS EN16005 but is also a great course for those who wish to advance their skills and knowledge. You can also see more courses here.

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