ADIA are now on WhatsApp!

You can now send a direct message via WhatsApp to the ADIA!

Simply message us on +447457403246 with your enquiries.

You can message us regarding:

  • Technical issues,
  • Assistance with the website and training platforms,

  • Requiring membership information such as card and certificate expiry dates, 

  • Copies of certificates and cards,

  • Needing a link to a form or web page,

  • Membership enquiries.

Benefits of using WhatsApp:

  • Flexible, quick and easy
  • Some don’t enjoy talking over the phone
  • Voicenotes are available for those with dyslexia 
  • We can video call if required 
  • We can see images of technical issues 
  • Instant messaging is quicker and easier than emails
  • Search functions
  • We can send documents and files
  • Messages are secure
  • Automated responses can answer your questions quickly