CSCS cards are becoming more and more prominent across UK construction sites and industry staff. The CSCS card scheme was set up to increase working standards on UK construction sites. And this shouldn’t stop at the construction of a business establishment but also the servicing and maintenance of all of the building’s components. And in this case more prominently automatic doors.

Automatic doors are a feature that is often overlooked regarding its safety and the risks they possess. However, with the death of a woman who was crushed by an automatic gate and previous deaths from injury via automatic doors, we as an association feel it is important that anyone working on pedestrian doors, receive their BS EN16005, accredited by City & Guilds and receive an ADIA CSCS card.

The concept being that if an automatic door engineer acquires the basics of health and safety knowledge applicable to automatic doors demonstrating this knowledge by passing the CSCS approved ADIA Health and Safety test, and gains the BS EN16005 accredited by City & Guilds they will be issued with an ADIA CSCS card.


Even if you are confident of your competency and skills, without the ADIA CSCS card you may be turned away from site. This is because leading representatives of the construction industry such as Build UK are now actively looking for engineers who have the BS EN16005 accredited by City & Guilds.

Even if you have a CSCS card in other sectors, you may still be turned away from site.


Having an authorised card carrying workforce is more important to contractors than ever before. Getting the ADIA CSCS card is a simple way of proving your competence and specialist skills and enabling you quick access onto site.

• Book and complete the ADIA Health & Safety test
• Complete BS EN16005 e-learning course
• Attending assessment and exam day
• Receive CSCS card, certificate with City & Guilds Accreditation.

The possession of an ADIA CSCS card may increase the prospects of winning contracts for sole traders and small companies. Additionally, it enables all firms, small and large, to demonstrate they have qualified staff.

You can upgrade your training by emailing and I will contact you with the relevant information. However, if you have not completed the course, please visit Installer members get one free BS EN16005 course and exam.

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