In addition to being a part of an association which aims to promote its members and offer a range of benefits, we strive to teach the safety of automatic doors to ensure that the correct training is provided and used day to day with installing and maintaining automatic doors to the BS EN16005 and BS 7036-0.

We also do promote our accredited members on the Door Safe Register which encourages potential clients to use members with trained engineers. They need to know that their doors meet the safety standard which is required by law within the Machiney Directive.

Remember,  the BS EN16005 & BS 7036-0 isn’t just a certificate. It is a clarification of your knowledge of safety procedures. 

If an unfortunate incident did occur (like this one) where an automatic door was poorly maintained or incorrectly installed resulting in injury, these questions will be brought up again before the courtroom and the HSE:

  • Who installed the door? 
  • Who provided maintenance to this door? 
  • When was the door last maintained?
  • Where is the risk assessment in accordance with BS 7036-0? 
  • And does this door comply with the BS EN16005?

We want to create a safer industry. We can only offer you assistance in dealing with the changes in safety regulations and offer our services to promote your company’s skills.

The ADIA BS EN16005 & BS 7036-0 accredited by City & Guilds is valid for 4 years (cards updated annually) and is already being held as a requirement by many customers, councils, and insurance companies. And we will keep promoting the use of our Directory to ensure the safety of doors within the industry is raised and fewer accidents happen.

Want to sit the BS EN16005? Join the ADIA today.

If you need to renew your card you can do here, or if you sat your course 4 years ago you can book your refresher course here.

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