What the ADIA Don’t Do

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We receive many questions about our association:

  • What benefits we have on offer?
  • What makes us different to other associations?
  • What do we do to help our members?

We actually find it easier to email all of this information as there is just too much to discuss in one phone call!

Obviously, what is important to our members differs from company to company so some of what we do isn’t incredibly important to some businesses. For example, some prefer to save money and are looking for new and effective ways to do so. Whereas some wish to invest in training their staff in every course we have in order to demonstrate their extensive knowledge. 

But what ALL ADIA members want is an association that will treat them fairly, that focuses on the benefits of their members and will provide support when needed. Which is something we are proud to say we do. 

But what DON’T we do as an association? 

These are points raised from questions we have received from prospective members in the past when considering becoming members of us…

At the ADIA we:

  • Are not run by a committee. The ADIA is looked after by a small team, however if there are any large changes to be made to the association or industry, we are sure to put this forward to members first. We also send out regular surveys to see what our members would like to see changed within the association. This way we are focussing on the needs of the members. Committees are often created by larger companies within the industry which can lead to bias decisions.
  • Do not ask for member references. We believe all members deserve an opportunity to be a member of an association. Instead, we have a Code of Conduct that we have put in place in order to ensure members are acting professionally. Should there be any complaints about members, we investigate the situation to ensure issues will not be raised again. 
  • Let anyone sit our exam. It’s been said that as we allow CCTV, security, building services and other industries join the association, we allow anyone and everyone to sit our courses.


    Many of these types of companies work hand in hand with automatic doors as well as access control. They often wish to have a better understanding of the processes behind the safety aspects. This is something we encourage as turning these companies away could lead to untrained engineers working on the doors anyway.

    As per our terms and conditions, it is at the discretion of the company to make sure their engineers have transferable skills and experience working with automatic doors. We offer courses in the understanding of the health and safety aspects. It takes a lot of work for Joe Bloggs to understand and learn how to install, maintain and service an automatic door, something we don’t offer. We do, however, offer training that works alongside business to improve the knowledge of engineers.

  • Do not charge a subscription based on the number of sites. We were recently asked whether we charge per site of a company i.e. if a member has 20 branches will they be charged for 20 subscriptions. The answer is no! We support member growth and do not want to hinder that by charging more money to our members. Our subscriptions have not changed since we were established in 2013 however our benefits have continued to grow. We also do not charge based on turnover. As we mentioned, we want to help members grow and will not charge them extra for doing so. 

What we do is encourage as much training as possible, use of benefits and equal support for members. 

If you wish to be a part of our association, please join here today!