Sometimes it is easy to forget that your job isn’t just about making money. It’s important to remember that the reason why automatic doors exist and why your business exists is because it of public demand (as well as legal requirement for businesses).

With the increase of the elderly and disabled in the UK and the amazing effort being given to help them enjoy everyday amenities it is imperative that their safety, as well as the safety of the public in general, is considered.

Your potential clients are looking for door companies who aren’t going to get them in trouble with health and safety inspections or, more importantly, going to get their customers injured. That is where you need to stand out and show your skill and consideration to these factors.

How can the ADIA help you keep the public (and your business’ integrity) safe?

  • We are the only association that has the BS EN16005 accredited by City & Guilds. This means C&G have approved our training methods and the exam process ensuring that members get the information they need. We give Installer members one course and exam free. Once engineers pass the company and their accredited technicians will be added to the DoorSafe Register.
  • Our benefits include a discounted online UKATA asbestos course developing the awareness for a deadly killer.
  • The ADIA have an NVQ programme to assist in the process of getting automatic door engineers online by observing the methods and skills of the applicant.
  • We are in the process of field-testing our fault-finding course as well as the BS EN16005 online which will be available to members soon. This illustrates how important it is to use to create ease and increase knowledge to our members.
  • ADIA members can get a discounted Electrical Safe Isolation course to help improve their safety knowledge.


So if public safety and standing out to customers is important to you, become an ADIA member and make the use of our incredible benefits. Join today.

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