As part of our service to you, we take pleasure in offering technical support to our members via our trainer and technical committee team*

However, we must stress the importance of safety to all companies within the membership. That is why we give you access to the BS EN16005 course and exam.

With this course and exam simple safety procedures are explained reducing your requirement to contact us for technical assistance on smaller safety matters. Therefore, the ADIA are pressing the demand for all engineers to sit the City & Guilds accredited BS EN16005.

More complex and unique safety questions that are not within the BS EN16005 standard are understandably required to have further confirmation and outside opinion. We understand it is often easier to ask these questions rather than to study and sit an exam but it is of paramount importance that you understand all safety measures before going on site.

If you have not yet sat your BS EN16005 course and exam please contact Sabrina on 0845 094 1817 or view our current dates here.

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