What makes the ADIA different from other associations?

The ADIA not only offers benefits and discounted services but also assists in the development of efficiency and knowledge within the industry with quality training and regular updates. We are the ONLY automatic door association with a City & Guilds accreditation for our BS EN16005 course and exam thus demonstrating it’s high standards.

With regular meetings and events, the ADIA converse with the members, asking their point of view on what they would like to see from their membership and using this feedback to encourage improvements in our services.

In addition, it is imperative for our members to be promoted to other industries and potential customers, increasing their business.

Who do I talk to when I have a technical query?

The ADIA ask that any technical questions be emailed to so we can forward it to an experienced member of our technical committee. We also advise that you complete the BS EN16005 accredited by City & Guilds to ensure you understand the safety requirements set by the standard.

Who owns the ADIA?

The ADIA is not run by a committee, it is run by the members.

The members assist the Director, Anne Saxby, by consulting on certain matters, however, the Association’s decisions are based on what the member’s feel they want from their association.


Why should I become a member?

Becoming a member of the Automatic Door Installation allows you to have access to a large range of discounts and benefits including the BS EN16005 course and exam, which has been accredited by City & Guilds.

We market our members to outside industries to ensure they are following the standards we promote. In addition, members receive regular updates, invitations to meetings, events and free advice.

The ADIA are always striving to improve our services and welcome direction and suggestion to any additional benefits we can offer.

Here are 5 benefits you’re missing out on if you’re not a member!

How do I apply for a membership?

You can apply online where we have three payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Standing Order
  • Cheque – Annual Subscriptions only.

You can choose which option you would like and we will be notified how you would like to pay when the application is complete. Should you choose standing order or cheuque, your membership will commence once the first payment is received.

What are the costs and types of membership?

There are three tiers of membership which cover different types of company:

SOLE TRADERS – £200.00 + VAT per year
Sole traders are individuals who work on automatic doors.

SUPPLIERS – £500.00 + VAT per year
Suppliers are a company that does not install automatic doors.

INSTALLERS – £83.33 + VAT per month
If your company installs, service’s or maintains automatic doors you will fall

under this tier, even if you supply as well.

I don’t have PayPal account, how can I pay?

PayPal is used worldwide by many retailers and online stores. You do not require a PayPal account to proceed with payment you can sign up as a guest with a debit or credit card. There are other payment options available should you prefer to not use PayPal.

How long does membership last?

When an Installer member joins they must remain in membership for a minimum of 24 months. After the 24 months Installers may leave membership at any time (we’ll miss you!)

Sole Traders and Suppliers pay an annual fee and therefore membership is for that paid year.

I need to update my details, how can I do that?

If you need any details updated for the website, the Directory, training or accounts please email

Details of engineers for the DoorSafe website can be amended by emailing

BS EN16005

What is the BS EN16005?

What is the BS EN16005?

The BS EN16005 is the new British European standard for automatic doors. It incorporates the British Standard with the European Standards.

From the 10th April 2013 any doors installed or maintained are required to reach the standards set out by the BS EN16005.

Sitting the BS EN16005 exam and passing shows the engineers understanding of the safety procedures within the BS EN16005. It does not however mean the engineer has the skill set or ability to fit an automatic door. The engineer should have a level of automatic door experience before sitting the exam. 


Is the BS EN16005 law?

BS EN16005 is not law but it is the requirement for any automatic door to be legally compliant with the Machine Directive and The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, which are legal regulations.

For more information on the summary of the Machine Directive contact HSE direct.

What does the BS EN16005 cover?

  • Information for use – Marking, Drives, Doorsets (materials, shape of leaves), Activation
  • Tests – Test conditions, Product information for installation, operation and maintenance, Drive, Doorset, Activation, Testing under normal conditions, Special tests for revolving doorsets , Tests for protective devices
  • Measuring points
  • Signage
  • Low Energy Doorset
  • Safeguarding
  • Hazards, hazardous situations and hazardous events covered by the BS EN16005 

What has happened to be BS7036?

The BS7036 has been superseded, meaning that any doors installed after 10th April 2013 must be to the BS EN16005 standards. Doors installed before that are accepted under the BS7036 however as soon as there are any upgrades or alterations they must be in accordance to the BS EN16005.

What is DoorSafe?

You can read all about DoorSafe here!

What does it mean to be City & Guilds accredited?

We believe having City & Guilds support our training with an accreditation is important to your business.

Not only are we going to tell you why, but we will also be informing potential clients of yours. 

Bespoke Programmes

 The ADIA and City & Guilds have developed bespoke programmes for he BS EN16005 and the automatic door sector. The accreditation meets the City & Guilds benchmark giving external validation from their respected global brand.

City & Guilds Accreditation Benchmark model

 The City & Guilds Accreditation quality benchmark model has been developed from over 130 years of experience in managing quality systems and training programmes which now includes the ADIA’s BS EN16005 course and exam.

Commitment to Quality

 As City & Guilds Accreditation is only awarded to the highest quality training, it demonstrates our commitment to excellence, making our trained members stand out from their competitors.

Quality Model

When the City & Guilds Quality Consultant reviews our BS EN16005 against their Accreditation benchmark, we receive detailed feedback and advice on areas that might need improvement and how to build this into our existing quality systems. With this feedback and advice we improve and develop our training to ensure it reaches the standards that are expected.

Inspiring Confidence

Being able to promote the BS EN16005 as having City & Guilds Accreditation will clearly demonstrate to both your engineers and your clients that the BS EN16005 accreditation is of the highest quality and therefore ensures the safety of the public when installing and maintaining automatic doors.

With these factors in mind, we are sure that your clients will consider safety of the public above all. It is our duty to educate industries that the BS EN16005 is an incredibly important feature for the safety of the public. With your companies name and engineers on the DoorSafe Register it will be clear to contractors, retailers, architects etc. that you have received a level of training that others may not, making you their safest option.

Book your BS EN16005 today.

What is the all-online course?

With the assistance of City & Guilds we’ve managed to put together an accredited course that you can complete from anywhere! Once the course is complete, all that is required is for your engineers to sit a one hour exam in an agreed location.

Doing this online course means:

  • You can study at your own pace
  • On the day of the exam you only need to be off the road for just over an hour.
  • You still get a City & Guilds accreditation (listed on the DoorSafe Register, be City & Guilds Registered, receive a certificate and card with City & Guilds number)

The online course is available to members only and you must complete THIS FORM which assesses your eligibility for this course. This course is for engineers who have been working within the automatic door industry for an extended period of time who require the latest safety standard knowledge. To take this particular course you must be working on power operated pedestrian doorsets.

The online course and exam is £150 + VAT. 

Should your engineer not be eligible for this course we strongly advise putting them on our BS EN16005 e-learning and day course with exam to ensure they are given the latest technical specifications. See exam dates here.

I’d like to sit the BS EN6005, how to I apply?

Firstly, you MUST be an ADIA member.

Once in membership, visit our training dates page and decide when you would like to have your training day and sit your exam (same day).

Log into the member’s area and book the date you wish to sit.

From here you will be given a username and password from the head office. You will receive an email with the log in details and confirmation of your exam date.

Once you have received your e-learning log in information, you will be able to start studying for your exam.

What is in the e-learning room?

Members who have requested an account with the BS EN16005 will find a downloadable version in the learning room. There are mock exams, puzzles and tips included within this e-learning system.

What does the training day include?


The training day refreshes aspects of the BS EN16005 as well as practical training on automatic doors. Members will also receive one on one discussions with the trainer to go over any particular topic that may come up in the exam. Once the training is complete the engineers will sit their exam.


What if I fail the exam?


Should any engineers fail, they will have the opportunity to re-sit the test

immediately, free of charge.

Is there a three-strike policy if I fail?

No, you can sit the exam as many times as you wish. Should you fail more than three occasions, we recommend you seek advice on what topics you find difficult and consult the e-learning room for tips and information.

What do I receive when I pass?


You will receive a technician’s card with your engineer number, City & Guilds number and logo as well as a certificate. We will also add your name and company details on our website of registered engineers. If your company details change, please let us know.


What happens with my technician’s card expires?

You will receive a letter informing you that you must sit a refresher course. Once

completed, your card will be renewed.

When does my City & Guilds accreditation expire?

The City & Guilds accreditation lasts for 4 years. After 4 card renewals, you will be asked to re-sit the BS EN16005 for a refresher course.


My log in details for the Member’s Room won’t work?

Call Sabrina on 0845 094 1817 and she will be able to assist. Please make sure you have your membership details to hand.

My log in details for the E-Learning Room won’t work?

Call Sabrina on 0845 094 1817 and she will be able to assist. Please make sure you have your membership details to hand.

Any other technical queries should be sent to