Thanks to our partnership with ADIA, we are happy to be offering all of its members one free user license for life with Joblogic.

At Joblogic we always aim to help support our customers to achieve rapid business growth. We have partnered with ADIA to ensure we have experts to direct us around the installation, supply and maintenance of automatic doors. This means that you – the members – can ensure business growth using the various smart features of our software.

Why Joblogic?

Boasting a fully scalable system, Joblogic can be used by small contractors and nationwide service providers alike. The system has a user-friendly web-based interface, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime using any device. This is especially useful for engineers who spend most of their time travelling between sites – Joblogic’s mobile app works fully offline on both iOS and Android devices.

Reduce costs – One of the most important considerations for managers is cost transparency, registration and allocation. The delivery of consistent, non-duplicated data can help save a substantial amount on admin costs. You can view costs in dashboards including costs per workplace per month, costs per user, and other equally relevant performance indicators. These reports allow managers to identify the saving potentials based on trends, deviations, and internal or external benchmarking.

Save time daily – One of the key benefits of Joblogic is its ability to boost time efficiency both on and off-site. Joblogic’s cloud-based system eliminates the need for a long-winded scheduling process with a responsive maintenance planner, allowing for all pre-proposed and reactive service measures to be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. Add this to the impressive list of features above, and you’ve got one very effective service management system!

Claim and activate your one free user license for life with Joblogic today.