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We are happy to announce that our ADIA shop is back! Simply fill out the quantity of the items you want with your contact information then we will arrange the order for you. An invoice will be sent directly to you which you can now pay for online. Once paid, we will have the items ordered and sent to you.

If there you have any questions about the shop, please email info@theadia.co.uk or call us on 0845 094 1817.



After a few enquiries we have now set up the ADIA Members Forum! Members can gain access to the forum by logging into the ADIA Member’s Area, and choosing ADIA Tech Talk from the sidebar menu.

This forum is where you can discuss technical changes to the industry, various ADIA updates and general chit chat about the world of automatic doors.

Please note that this forum will be monitored and any posts/comments containing abusive or bad language will be removed.