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What makes a door “automatic”?

Within the BS EN16005, doors are referred to as power operated doorsets. The definition of this is that they are “for pedestrian passage only with one or more leaves that is moved, at least in one direction, by an external energy supply (e.g. electrically) instead of manual or stored mechanical energy.”

Power operated doorsets  can be “activated automatically, manually or remotely” (a BS 7036-0, section 9.1)

Automatic activation is, “The function of automatic activators is to ensure that activation is achieved by a person approaching a doorset at normal walking pace.”

Therefore if no manual activation is required, it is then classed as an automatic pedestrian doorsets.


What is a Manual Activated Door?

According to 4.5.2 of the BS EN16005 “Manual activation enables the user to open a power operated doorset by deliberately operating a manual device”.These doors may close automatically but are initially controlled by manual activation.


Does it require any signage?

As recommended in the BS 7036-0 it should be ensured that appropriate signage is affixed to the power operated door system on completion of installation and that the responsibility for the continued display and maintenance of such signage lies with the building owner/occupier.

Signage is listed within risk assessments and should, therefore, be covered in accordance with the document.


Do Manual Activated Doors require an Automatic Door Sign?

The BS 7036-0, section 9.3 mentions that “operating signage should be provided where appropriate” but does not state what sign is required.

It also states under section 11.6 that an Automatic Door Sign should be used to indicate that the door is activated automatically. Which means when a door is manually activated, it is not an automatically activated powered doorset.

Instead, other signage can be used, such as Keep Clear as this will inform users to keep away from the space through which a power operated door travels. But having an automatic door sign is not necessarily an issue as the signage is there to draw the users attention to the risk.

Overall, manual or remote power operated doors are not fully automatic but are definitely under the automatic door umbrella and require the same amount of risk assessment as any other automatic door. The most important thing is to fit signage as opposed to having a door which poses any sort of risk, with none. 

To book your BS EN16005 course and exam, click here .

To keep you updated, we thought we would let you know the following about the ADIA AGM. This post will be updated according to any changes to the AGM.


Companies attending the AGM at present include:

  • CITB (Guest Speaker)
  • Citation  (Guest Speaker)
  • CSCS  (Guest Speaker)
  • DJ Doors & Electrical Services Ltd
  • Strongdor
  • Universal Security
  • Abacus Shutters Limited
  • Total Door Services
  • Prosale (Guest Speaker)
  • Insight Automation Ltd
  • DSI
  • Reactive Doors
  • SDG Access
  • Record Direct
  • RTR Services
  • Hotron
  • Del Thomas


Please see the mouthwatering menu for the three-course meal that will take place on the 11th September at 8pm. To book your place please complete one of the two forms below (depending on your company type)

Installer, Sole Trader, Non-member AGM Application Form

Suppliers AGM Application Form


  • Camilla Robinson will be speaking on behalf of Citation


Updated: 16th August 2018

The ADIA is offering members 10% off any shop order from


This can be used in conjunction with any discount codes sent to the member and still allows for free shipping (please select this on checkout) when spending over £100.

The discount can be used against any items excluding courses.

Items will be sent 1st class signed for and will be sent within a week of payment being received. You can pay via PayPal Express or request an invoice. Orders will not be sent until payment has been made.


Happy shopping!


Established in 1982 by a small team of dedicated enthusiasts, Snow+Rock made its name by challenging the norm, helping to shape the landscape of the winter sports and outdoor industry by introducing innovative brands, new technology and daring design. The team has grown, but our philosophy remains the same; to provide our customers with the finest products from the most progressive brands, while delivering the highest level of service and expertise.

With over four decades of experience in outdoor retail, Cotsworld Outdoor offer one of the most extensive and comprehensive ranges of outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories. Selecting from over 250 top quality brands allows us to bring you the latest in outdoor technology and styles. From hiking to camping trips, walking boots to waterproof jackets, wherever your adventures take you we have the right kit.

Starting life as a basement workshop, Cycle Surgery now has over 20 years of experience in the cycle industry and a number of stores nationwide. Stocking a wide range of bikes, components, accessories and clothing from the world’s leading brands enables us to bring you the latest in cycling technology and innovation.

Adhering to the passions and principles of our founders, Runners Need help you achieve your personal fitness goals with the latest products from world-leading brands, friendly, expert advice and a personal service that you can trust.

We are delighted to offer ADIA members a 10% discount at Snow + Rock, Cotswold Outdoor, Cycle Surgery & Runners Need to use in-store and online. Please note this is for personal use only.

Simply visit, log in and visit the Discounts section to retrieve your code. Alternatively, email and details will be sent to you accordingly.

At Annual General Meetings, we share company insights with our members, the past year’s developments and the outlook going forward. In addition, it is the perfect opportunity to give your views on what you want to see from us.

Our 2018 AGM will be the fifth held. Admittedly, we have found that attendees have decreased over the years which is understandable for the types of members we have. Installers and sole traders are regularly called out on site at short notice. This includes many Directors. Leaving suppliers slightly disappointed with the lack of sales they could potentially make. But we urge that a representative attends on behalf of your company. And not just to be sold products. Here are four important reasons why:


Coming face to face with ADIA representatives gives you and your company the perfect opportunity to voice your opinion on matters that you’re concerned with or wish to improve. This can be done during networking opportunities or during the meeting itself to offer others to chance to discuss the matters raised.

Sometimes emails and surveys just don’t hit the mark, so if you have something to say, come along!



We have found that many members avalue the golf day we offer before the AGM. This is a perfect time to familiarise yourself with other attendees in an informal capacity whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Hellidon Lakes Hotel.

The free wine and beer are also very much appreciated in the evening before a delicious three-course meal!

The next day, we give members the enjoyment of a lay-in before coming down for breakfast and unlimited tea and coffee. Once signed into the meeting, you can network with other attendees whilst observing the items suppliers have brought with them to demonstrate to potential customers.

And who doesn’t like a good buffet? The meeting is finished with delicious options for you to enjoy before heading home.


For suppliers, it can be that you will meet someone who will want to buy your product. Alternatively, it could be the chance for Installers to find a new system that will help improve their installations.

Whatever your aim, meeting other business can always push for collaborations, additional sales and a chance to take your company to the next level.


Going to the Annual General Meeting will give you an insight to what we have coming up in the association as well as how we will be improving our services. This gives you the possibility to ask questions and keep up to date with future goings on. This will allow you to retrieve first-hand information that you won’t necessarily get on a press release.

Overall, being able to meet other members as well as the ADIA staff, you will not only be fed but you will have a step ahead of your competitors. Once you leave the meeting you will feel informed and be able to take away a wealth of information on how you can take your company to the next level.

See more information and booking forms here


There are many automatic door engineers who are due to have their City & Guilds accreditation renewed. But never fear!

The ADIA have now finalised details for the BS EN 16005 Refresher Course.

Here’s what is included:

  • Online study taking engineers back over the standard.
  • Approximately 2 hours assessment at a training centre near you. Engineers can then demonstrate their skills and knowledge using REAL automatic doors.
  • One hour exam (although usually completed in less than that!). Results are given straight away, no waiting around!
  • You will receive a new CSCS card (as the ADIA Health and Safety test must have been completed before any BS EN16005 course is taken), with a new City & Guilds number and certificate. These cards can be renewed annually until the next four years is up!
  • We will update our DoorSafe Register which we use to promote trained members to thousands of businesses across the UK.

If you have engineers who have left the company, update us!

Important information:

  • The course lasts up to 3 hours…
  • And is only for those who have completed the ADIA BS EN16005 course and exam. You cannot sit the refresher course if you have sat another BS EN16005 not provided by us.
  • Payment must be made before sitting the course. 
  • To run the course we must have a minimum of four engineers sitting the assessment and exam.
  • You must be an ADIA member to sit any of our courses, including our refresher course. So, even if you were a member and left, you will have to re-join to get the benefits of a shiny new CSCS card!
  • Engineers must sit the ADIA Health & Safety test before taking the refresher course.
  • Refresher courses will happen in the afternoon after a full BS EN16005 assessment course has been completed. You can see dates here.
  • BS EN16005 terms and conditions apply. 

If You Do Not Sit the Refresher:

  • You will not be able to renew your card.
  • Your City & Guilds accreditation will be expired.
  • Your company/engineer will no longer be promoted on DoorSafe.

A little reminder of why our BS EN16005 is awesome:



We are returning to the beautiful Hellidon Lakes Hotel and Spa on 11-12th SEPTEMBER 2018 for our 5th Annual General Meeting!As with previous years, we will be holding a golf day (11th September), complete with bacon rolls, tea and coffee. After a hard day golfing, members and guests (partners are more than welcome to attend) will be treated to a delicious dinner and prize giving.Of course, if you aren’t a fan of the sport (or just not particularly good!) you can enjoy other amenities the hotel has to offer or even just attend the AGM the following day.

The meeting (12th September) will give allow members and guests to network and get a few updates on the industry and the association. This AGM will be shorter than other events we have held so you have plenty of time to return to the office or home in ample time.

The AGM will be free of charge as with previous years (with the exception of the golf, dinner B&B) and will take place from 11am– 1pm, finishing with a scrummy buffet lunch.

Please complete the application and return to

Updates can be found here

The ADIA is proud to announce that the Service & Maintenance Course is now accredited by City & Guilds.


When the Service & Maintenance is completed you will receive a certificate with the City & Guilds logo and number, displaying your dedication to safety within the industry.


What does having an accreditation mean? Well, as with the BS EN16005 it shows that our course meets the City & Guilds benchmark giving external validation from their respected global brand. City & Guilds Accreditations are only awarded to the highest quality training, demonstrating our commitment to excellence, making our trained members stand out from their competitors.


When the City & Guilds Quality Consultant reviews our accredited courses against their Accreditation benchmark, we receive detailed feedback and advice on areas that might need improvement and how to build this into our existing quality systems. With this feedback and advice, we improve and develop our training to ensure it reaches the standards that are expected.


Being able to promote the City & Guilds Accreditation will clearly demonstrate to both your engineers and your clients that your work is of the highest quality and therefore ensures the safety of the public when installing and maintaining automatic doors.


If you have previously completed the Service & Maintenance course, please email for a new certificate with your C&G number and logo.


For those who have not completed the course, see what it can do for you here.  Book now!


Please note, we would recommend that engineers have at least 6 months experience of working closely or with automatic doors due to the terminology and practical assessments used within the training day.

We would also recommend your engineers complete the BS EN16005, also accredited by City & Guilds.

One of our missions at the ADIA is to save members money as well as help increase their business. But you may not be aware of some of what we have to offer in order to do this. So we’ve drawn up just a couple of money saving benefits that can help you!

  1. Discounted Courses  – You can now train your staff for even less with a range of Health & safety courses with Human Focus and even get an FDIS diploma. Log into the member’s area to see more!
  2. Online Servicing Form No longer do you have to purchase assessment forms to be printed (although we do sell pads should you wish to purchase any). We have provided ADIA members with a paperless, online alternative where you can get your forms emailed directly to your office and client.
  3. ADIA shopThe ADIA shop has a selection of useful items and tools for you to use at a discounted rate.
  4. Annual £50 off shop – When you’ve been in membership for over a year, you will receive a renewed certificate along with a discount code giving you £50 our shop items.
  5. PromotionMembers are advertised in our Directory, both online and printed, free of charge, with the option of paying a small fee for a full or half page advertisement.
  6. Discounted servicesWe have a variety of discounts within our member’s area for their business and general lifestyle. Log in to view what we have for you!
  7. Training Our courses will generate your business more work based on the dedication your company demonstrates by obtaining a certificate in our training courses. Think about how much you will gain with just a few jobs in comparison to the costs of a course?

Want to suggest a benefit? Drop us an email –

We are happy to announce that the ADIA have partnered with the FDIS (Fire Door Inspection Scheme) to offer our members 20% off the FDIS Diploma.

The FDIS Diploma in Fire Doors is a series of online education modules designed to broaden your knowledge of fire door requirements in commercial and residential buildings.

You can study the modules in your own time and wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Key features of the FDIS diploma programme:

  • Foundation module: Provides a basic understanding of fire doors and their components, including testing and certification, regulations and standards, inspection and maintenance.
  • Timber fire doors and frames: Gives a more detailed look at timber fire and escape doorsets, their construction, installation and functional performance.
  • Metal fire doors: Provides information on how steel doors differ from timber doors, how they are tested, glazed, installed and maintained.
  • Glazing: Gives detailed guidance on the different types of fire resistant glass, glazed apertures, glazing retention systems and beading and the importance of getting it right.
  • Seals: Gives detailed information on the function and technology of intumescent, acoustic and smoke seals, how they’re identified and installed.
  • Ironmongery and signage (Part 1): Covers why each type of ironmongery is essential, critical issues about installation, how to check it is functioning correctly and when the item should be replaced.
  • Ironmongery and signage (Part 2): Covers essential and non-essential ironmongery, the requirements for panic escape mechanisms and signage on fire doors.
  • Transition module: Only for diploma holders who wish to become an FDIS Certificated Inspector.

Each module looks at the relevant regulations and standards that apply to fire door components and how certification is crucial to compliance.

Once you feel you are confident with the contents of the modules, you can sit the final exam. Simple online booking makes this easy to fit in with personal schedules and the exam can be taken at a test centre near you.

If you complete the exam successfully you will be told the result there and then.

Members should simply log in and click on the Courses page where they will see a list of the courses we have to offer. There you will find the instructions and discount code to obtain 20% off the FDIS Diploma.