Following a meeting with CITB on the 1st July, it was agreed that they would be willing to financially support a – Specialist Apprenticeship Programmes (SAP) and the Specialist Upskilling Programmes (SUP) on confirmation that there is a need within the industry and it would be fully supported.


With this in mind, we have been asked by CITB to provide evidence that members will support the programme and the number of apprentices they will be willing to enroll within the first year of the programme being launched.


If you are a levy payer grants will be available for this courses.


If you are not a levy payer the association has been told it can set its own cost for the courses.


On the calculation of the evidence, the next stage will be putting the courses together which will be done by our technical group.


This is a very exciting time for us as an association, and I feel has been a long time coming.


Members will shortly be receiving a form asking them for their support. It should be forwarded it to our head office or be emailed to


If you have any questions please feel free to call us.

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