There are many automatic door engineers who are due to have their City & Guilds accreditation renewed. But never fear!

The ADIA have now finalised details for the BS EN 16005 Refresher Course.

Here’s what is included:

  • Online study taking engineers back over the standard.
  • Approximately 2 hours assessment at a training centre near you. Engineers can then demonstrate their skills and knowledge using REAL automatic doors.
  • One hour exam (although usually completed in less than that!). Results are given straight away, no waiting around!
  • You will receive a new CSCS card (as the ADIA Health and Safety test must have been completed before any BS EN16005 course is taken), with a new City & Guilds number and certificate. These cards can be renewed annually until the next four years is up!
  • We will update our DoorSafe Register which we use to promote trained members to thousands of businesses across the UK.

If you have engineers who have left the company, update us!

Important information:

  • The course lasts up to 3 hours…
  • And is only for those who have completed the ADIA BS EN16005 course and exam. You cannot sit the refresher course if you have sat another BS EN16005 not provided by us.
  • Payment must be made before sitting the course. 
  • To run the course we must have a minimum of four engineers sitting the assessment and exam.
  • You must be an ADIA member to sit any of our courses, including our refresher course. So, even if you were a member and left, you will have to re-join to get the benefits of a shiny new CSCS card!
  • Engineers must sit the ADIA Health & Safety test before taking the refresher course.
  • Refresher courses will happen in the afternoon after a full BS EN16005 assessment course has been completed. You can see dates here.
  • BS EN16005 terms and conditions apply. 

If You Do Not Sit the Refresher:

  • You will not be able to renew your card.
  • Your City & Guilds accreditation will be expired.
  • Your company/engineer will no longer be promoted on DoorSafe.

A little reminder of why our BS EN16005 is awesome:


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